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Don't waste talents of local workforce


Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Alan Johnson has spoken about the social and economic benefits of tapping into the skills and talents of the region's refugee workforce. Addressing more than a hundred employers, and delegates from the public and voluntary sectors at a conference hosted... Read More...

Doing affects the way you see


Training to perform certain movements, even blindfolded, affects our subsequent ability to perceive those same movements when performed by others. That’s according to a report published by the British Psychological Society about research conducted by Antonino Casile and Martin Giese at the... Read More...

Basic skills research findings


New research published by the Department for Work and Pensions interim findings from the evaluation of the basic skills national enhancements and the mandatory training pilots. The National Enhancements to the basic skills process started in April 2004. They include use of the fast-track... Read More...

Construction centre helps build skills


Lords Housing Minister Baroness Andrews officially opened the Milton Keynes College Construction Centre at Kiln Farm. The college was established to address a shortage of construction skills in the Milton Keynes area, and will play an important part in the delivery of new housing and... Read More...

Time of day affects learning


The British Psychological Society says that if you are learning a skill such as playing the piano, you have to master the fact-based aspect (the sequence of notes) and also the movement-related aspect (moving your fingers in the correct way on the keys). Both aspects improve during practice, but... Read More...

London aims to host 2011 World Skills competition


In a move which parallels London's successful bid to host the 2012 Olympics, UK Skills has today announced that it has a green light to submit a bid in March to host the 2011 WorldSkills Competition. The Government has confirmed its support by pledging £11 million - half the £22... Read More...

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