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Eating more fruit would save lives


The messages about eating five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day may be widely known if not completely understood, but new research published in the  Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has found that in the UK, some 33,000 deaths each year could be prevented or delayed... Read More...

HRD conference speakers announced


Dealing with change, adding value and demonstrating a return on investment are the focus of the programme for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) annual HRD conference and exhibition which is being held at Olympia from 6-7 April 2011.   The conference is... Read More...

Prepare Employees for Winter Sports Activities


With the winter sports season upon us it is worth remembering that an ill prepared winter sports enthusiast is more likely to suffer injury on the slopes and be prevented from returning to work at the end of their holiday.   It could be to an employers advantage to remind their employees... Read More...

WPLC Leaders presentation is a must for any entrepreneur


  This evening Michael Millward the head of the Work Place Learning Centre leadership team addressed a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development meeting of Self Employed HR and training professionals and explained a strategy for how they could earn whilst they slept.   Mr... Read More...

Trainers have role to play in rebuilding British work force


Up-skilling workers to undertake jobs in areas where talent shortages are still being experienced must be made a top priority if the UK economy is going to pull clear of another economic dip, says the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.   The latest Report on Jobs, published by the... Read More...

Work Place Learning Centre gets into motor sport


 Well a 23 year old Audi 100 isn’t exactly a formula one car and Andrew Murphy and Peter Bennett are far from Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, but it’s still motor sport, says Abeceder managing director Michael Millward and “everyone at Abeceder and Work Place Learning... Read More...

Music can create a positive atmosphere in the workplace


Being a manager is a job full of challenges but according to Ellis Rich, chairman of PRS for Music having the right music helps to create a positive environment and could make managing both employees and customers that little bit easier.   Speaking after the publication of new figures from... Read More...

Managers fear redundancies and talent shortages in 2011.


New research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) paints a bleak picture of the ability of British business to cope with the demands of the 2011 economic landscape.   Almost half of UK managers (48%) are expecting further redundancies in 2011, and 43% do not believe their... Read More...

Training cuts threaten future of UK plc


Research from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), shows that 43 per cent of UK managers anticipate that their training budgets will be drastically cut during 2011, a move that is expected to create skills shortages that will damage businesses across the country.   Ruth Spellman,... Read More...

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