TUC seeks positive experiences of right to train

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TUC seeks positive experiences of right to train

In April 2010, the right to request time to train became law for larger businesses.


The Government is monitoring the impact the legislation has had on the big employers that are affected by it.


Some business groups are using this as an opportunity to call on the Government to withdraw the right to request time off to train.


Here at Work Place Learning Centre we obviously believe that there should be no limit to the amount of training employees get to help them perform their jobs better, and make a greater contribution to the success of their employer.


Unionlearn the learning service from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) is asking for employers and employees to share their experiences of the right to request time off work for training to counter the views expressed by these other groups.


You can share your experience by completing the Unionlearn survey at this link


Unionlearn Right to Request Time Off for Training Survey

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