Is Brexit a Learning & Development Issue

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Is Brexit a Learning & Development Issue

Effective work place learning could be the key to Brexit success:

Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a success of it, where the famous words of then Prime Minister Theresa May MP. Now three years on we still do not know whether the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with a deal or be making a clean break and going it alone to become an international freely trading global nation.

Work place learning will be the key

One thing is certain, if the United Kingdom is to maintain or hopefully improve its economy in the years after leaving the European Union a lot of things are going to have to change.

As anyone who is given responsibility for changing an organisation knows you can’t create the change unless you prepare the people for the change. That includes making sure that you have trained those people in the skills, knowledge and attitudes that they will need to make the change happen.

More productive organisations

No matter what way you look at it the United Kingdom is going to have to get more productive. It’s not just that people are going to have to work harder, they are also going to have to work smarter as well. Jobs and working arrangements will have to be designed to facilitate employee engagement. Reward packages will have to reflect the contribution that individuals and groups make, and the results they achieve. Technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have to be harnessed by even the smallest of organisations.

Staying Competitive

When you remove yourself from a closed market and the protections that it provides for inefficient industries and unproductive organisations you expose your country and every aspect of the economy to an increasingly competitive world marketplace.

If the United Kingdom is to compete and maintain a competitive position in that global marketplace it will have to maintain a state of constant improvement.

Ask any champion

Sometimes the easy part of being a successful sports person or team is the process of climbing to the top. This is because you know the target you must beat, because someone has done it before you.

Come back to the second season after winning the league or the next Olympic Games as the current gold medal holder and you are the target that everyone wants to beat.

Learning as a constant

There is a way in which you can maintain your success, but it’s not easy. You’ve got to decide that you are never going to be satisfied, never content with the standard that you have achieved. Always on the lookout for new ways of doing things and people that you can learn from. So, achieving a constant state of learning at work is the key to the United Kingdom making a success of Brexit.

But, the recent surge in interest in continuous learning and elearning across the European Union and the long-held belief in the developing world that learning is the key to individual and nation success demonstrates the size of the challenge facing the United Kingdom.

That is probably why levels of interest in the L&D Influencers Europe 17-18 September 2019 at Hilton London Olympia has been high.

Accelerating L&D for Organizational Impact to Unleash a Future-Ready Workforce

In just six weeks’ time the L&D Influencers Europe event at Hilton London Olympia, will provide a meeting place for L&D professionals to benchmark learning strategies, processes, people and technology.

The L&D Influencers event will provide an opportunity for over 100 senior L&D leaders from leading European companies and organisations to explore how continuous learning and workforce development can provide the optimum foundation for more successful organisations.

Two days of practical insights

Over two days of keynotes, panel discussions, and the signature discussion group format, attendees will discuss, engage and learn from real-life case studies that enable them to investigate approaches for delivering real actionable insights, utilising learning techniques through tangible real-life case studies, while embedding the importance of continuous learning, to ultimately revolutionise the way organisations attract, interact with, and retain top talent.

Over 35 leading learning and development experts;

The list of speakers and cross industry format makes L&D Influencers Europe 2019 must-attend event in the calendar for L&D experts in Europe.

L&D Influencers Europe is a unique opportunity for the community to meet and explore niche topics that, paradoxically lie at the foundation of thriving corporations.

Speakers include;

  • Chris Parkinson, Head of Learning, Engagement and Talent, TSB BANK
  • Caroline Ford, Head of Learning and Development, THOMAS COOK
  • James Barton, Head of Digital Learning, ROYAL MAIL
  • Jodie Lowe, Head of Learning and Development, MONEYSUPERMARKET.COM
  • Jonathan Fletcher, Global Head of Learning & Development, TECHNICOLOR
  • Simon McGoran, Global Director of Learning, EQUIFAX
  • Andrew Marrins, Head of L&D, BREWDOG
  • Kim Atherton, Chief People Officer, OVO ENERGY
  • Frank Clayton, VP Learning and Development, NG BAILEY
  • Dina Alvarez, Head of Culture, Learning & People Development, EVERIS UK
  • Rebecca Robins, Global Chief Learning and Culture Officer, INTERBRAND
  • Chris Lincoln, Head of Learning and Development, BE AT ONE COCKTAIL BARS
  • Shawn Storer, L&D Author and Influencer and many more >>

Full list of speakers here

L&D Influencers Europe 2019 will take place at the Hilton London Olympia, 17-18 September 2019.

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