Staff training creates better business results!

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Staff training creates better business results!

A report by the National Audit Office, entitled 'Employers' perspectives on improving skills for employment' has produced findings that the vast majority of UK businesses cannot ignore.

Key headlines and recommendations in the report include:


An overall recommendation that UK businesses need to increase spending on staff training if they want their staff to measure up in basic skills/skills for life.

Firms to be made more aware of lower-level training, with criticism that the focus is often from an A-level equivalent standard, but that is often too high.

The Government and employers need to fill the gaps left by market failure in education and training.

The report estimates that £23.7 billion is spent on education and training by employers in the public and private sectors.

Even so, one in five firms say they have skills gaps in their workforce, which is costing £10 billion a year in lost productivity.

The report recommends that the Government work closely with employers to tailor programmes so that they fit regional and skill specific problems, as well as simplifying information regarding what help is available.

The TUC has been working with trade unions and employers across the country for over five years to help workers improve their skills (both professional and personal), and in the Northern Region supports many diverse projects across all sectors of the workforce.

Kevin Rowan, Northern TUC Regional Secretary commented, 'The National Audit Office calculates that billions of pounds are spent each year by employers in this country on education and training. However, such resources should be directed towards all sections of the workforce. Only this way will firms and organisations reap the productive benefits vital for maintaining competitive advantage in today's global environment. With the support of trade unions, many companies and individuals in the North East are already realising and reaping the benefits of lifelong learning - hopefully this report will encourage many more to follow suit.'

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