Accident Investigations
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Accident Investigations




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Learn how to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation

This course is designed to provide line managers, staff health and safety representatives, or health and safety administrators with the knowledge and skills required to carry out effective incident and accident investigation, including:

  • accident and incident investigation,
  • the process of gathering evidence,
  • interviews
  • the compilation of reports and
  • making improvement recommendations.


The course includes practical scenarios as well as instruction to cover all of the relevant points of incident investigation.


The course is designed around ten modules:

  1. Accident causes
  2. Analysing information obtained in an investigation
  3. Conducting a meaningful witness interview
  4. Effective documentation in an investigation
  5. Making effective recommendations for corrective actions
  6. Reporting and report writing
  7. Statistical analysis
  8. The priorities when responding to an incident
  9. The purpose of an investigation
  10. The sources of information to include when gathering facts


Courses are normally designed to be completed within a single day

This training course is best suited to meeting the needs of people who are likely to be involved in the investigation of health and safety related incidents, near misses and accidents.

Participants are likely to be

  • Line managers
  • Newly appointed health and safety officers
  • Existing health and safety professionals who want a refresher
  • Staff health and safety committee members.

This training course is designed around the needs of the organisation or group of organisations that have commissioned it.

We will take into account the specific hazards and risks that exist within the organisation and create a training course that participants can see as reflecting the situations they are likely to experience.

Contact your learning expert to discuss how this this training course can be customised to the needs of your organisation.

This training course can be purchased as a strand-a-lone learning experience or as part of a:

  • Wider learning and development plan
  • Complete health and safety consultancy support package. 

This training course can be provided to a single organisation or a group of employers.

Contact your learning expert to discuss how we can provide training for organisations who are located in the same building or business park.

This training course can also be provided for organisations that are members of the same trade organisation, or representative body.

Contact your learning expert to discuss comparing this training course to the other training options you are considering.

17 Mar 2020

No one wants an accident to happen in their work place, but unfortunately they do happen. What you do next is important. The first priority is to make sure that if people have been injured they are treated promptly for any injuries and relatives are kept properly informed. After this it is important that you learn from the accident and take the steps that will reduce the risk of a similar accident happening again. Key to doing this is conducting a comprehensive investigation of the accident or near miss. Too many people assume that they will know what to do when the time comes to investigate an accident. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. A poorly conducted investigation could, as well as reducing the learning from the accident, make the outcome of any legal action more costly. This is a comprehensive training course delivered in an interactive and practical style that leaves you cofident that if there was to be an accident you really would know how to investigate it properly

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