Equality Impact Assessment
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Equality Impact Assessment






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Learn how to assess the impact of your diversity and inclusion actions

Equality is all about recognising and promoting people’s rights and responsibilities in a way that supports the creation of an inclusive working and customer service environment.


There are two Equality Impact Assessment training courses


  • Foundation Course is 37 minutes
  • Advanced Course is 1 hour and 17 minutes


Equality Impact Assessment


An equality impact assessment (EIA) will help you analyse your policies and practices to make sure they do not discriminate against or disadvantage people.


EIAs provide an effective means of enabling organisations to measure their progress in matching their policies’ actual equality outcomes to their aims.


They can also help to ensure that staff and customers are not discriminated against by the way in which an organisation operates, and can help public authorities ensure that their practices and policies work to promote equality and tackle discrimination.


Foundation Course


Produced in partnership with Ionann Management Consultants Course 1 combines dramatised scenarios with insight from leading equality experts, this course provides an introduction to EIAs and sets out their importance in promoting equality and diversity.


Learning outcomes


This course will give a better understanding of:


  • what an EIA is
  • how to plan an EIA;
  • the key legal and policy drivers for EIAs
  • the importance and key aspects of stakeholder engagement.



Advanced Course


Produced in partnership with Ionann Management Consultants, this advanced EIA training builds on the EIA foundation course to demonstrate how to use EIAs to maximum effect to support your organisation’s equality and diversity objectives.


Learning outcomes


This course will give a better understanding of:


  • scoping an EIA
  • how to collect quality information
  • involving and engaging stakeholders
  • analysing equality effects
  • planning for action and reporting.




Experts involved in the creation of these learning courses include


  • Dianna Yach, Founder, Ionann Management Consultants


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