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Off the Job Safety Family LP






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Off the job safety awareness poster featuring characters from The Simpsons hit TV series

While workers are trained to work safely on the job, employees are far more likely to suffer an injury at home, on the road or during leisure activities.


Off-the-job accident statistics are staggering, so what employees do away from work is vitally important.


This should concern employers as the absence of a capable employee may jeopardize important schedules, resulting in lost productivity.


Additionally, a company may have to spend time and resources to recruit and train a new person.


Finally, in cases of prolonged absence, corporate disability insurance premiums could increase. Promoting "Off-the-Job Safety" is a worthwhile endeavour.


Homer’s World is a Safety World.


His kids are a pain in the neck but he still wants them here tomorrow.


Teach your colleagues the risks to watch out for, together with the safety tips necessary to reduce family accidents.


Caring companies look after their employees 24/7, so yes; family safety is your concern.


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The Return on Investment


Using this learning resource could have a positive impact on the insurance premiums that your organisation pays.


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