17 days before the National Training Awards close for entries

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17 days before the National Training Awards close for entries

17 days to go until National Training Awards close for entry!

Yes the closing date for entries to the National Training Awards has been extended by a week and will now close at 5pm on 27th May.

The decision to extend the deadline was taken following the impact that the recent public holidays have had on day-to-day business. We hope that this extension will provide organisations with the additional time needed to prepare entries of the highest quality.

With 17 days to go there is plenty of time to scope out and prepare your entry and be part of this momentous year, which marks the 25th anniversary of the National Training Awards. By taking part your organisation can experience the many tangible bottom line benefits that come with entering and winning a National Training Award.

It is still not long though so with only a short time left until entries close the National Training Awards organiser UK Skills is offering companies who are considering entering additional support to enable them to complete there entries on time.


There are ten top tips which Investors in People accredited organisations that want to enter the National Training Awards this year should follow if they want their entry to stand out from the crowd:

1.  Download the entry guidance booklet.
2. Download the information seminar presentation designed to walk you through the process of preparing your entry and give you hints and tips on what the Judges are looking for.
3. Don't rush into putting pen to paper.
4. Be concise to keep within the word count for each section.
5. Manage your time when preparing your entry.
6. Keep a log or file of all the data that you use in your entry.
7. Involve others when preparing your entry.
8. Avoid using jargon that may not be understood outside of your organisation/industry.
9. Send your entry by one method only.
10. Finally, don't be too modest, but always describe relevant evidence to support your training success story.

More information is available from the National Training Awards website 

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