getAbstract available on WPLC

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getAbstract available on WPLC

Work Place Learning Centre has added getAbstract to its ever-increasing on-line catalogue of learning resources.


getAbstract is a compact knowledge source that enables anyone with a job to do, to maximize how effectively they use their most limited resource, time; whilst simultaneously maximising the growth of their most important asset, knowledge.


If an organisation is to grow and prosper the people it employs need to build their knowledge about how to achieve that growth. It can be a thankless task, which will inevitably take them away from working on solving operational issues. But it needs to be done.


Relying on already knowing how will only enable them to achieve the same result. New knowledge is essential for growth. Sometimes you need to take the plunge and utilise some new external knowledge. This can be expensive.


getAbstract gives you a cost-effective way to access to new knowledge, with a library of over 15,000 summaries of business books, video talks (including TED talks) and reports, and almost 100 new titles being added each month, you’ll soon be driving growth.


Each getAbstract summary is organised so that knowledge retention and growth is maximised. There are six key elements,


  • Editorial rating to set expectations of what is included
  • Top take-aways, so that you get the point quickly and clearly
  • Full summary, covering the complete, book, report or video talk
  • Significant quotes, the things that you are not only going to remember but also use to make changes
  • Other key points, the nice to know sort of things, that you didn’t expect
  • Biography of the author,


getAbstract only work with the most eminent journalists and subject matter experts to create the abstract version of the book, report or video talks (including TED talks).


Rather than several hundred pages of a business book getAbstract delivers everything a busy business person needs to know about the latest external thinking on just few sheets of A4.


Knowledge building can take place at any time and in any place, because getAbstract is available any way you need it


  • Formats
  • reading formats from RSS feeds, web browsers, PDF,
  • listening formats podcasts, streaming audio, and MP3 files.
  • Devices You can use getAbstract on any form of device, PC, Apple, Tablet, smart phone, Kindle, Nook Kobo
  • Languages, English, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


Work Place Learning Centre is making getAbstract available in a wide range of options to suit every budget and knowledge requirement.

Members of the Work Place Learning Centre team are available to provide journalists and media organisations with expert comment on all aspects of learning at work.

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