The Magic of Tiny Business

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The Magic of Tiny Business

In, The Magic of Tiny Business Michael Millward finds that a company doesn’t have to be huge to successfully fulfil its purpose.


I remember when I first established my business I seemed to be surrounded by people who told me what a fantastic idea I had, and how I was bound to be a success. Don’t forget me when you’re a millionaire, they would say with a smirk on their face.

Their expectations could not have been further from my hopes, my one aim was to use my professional expertise to try and ensure that other people would have a positive experience of work.

There is nothing special in that, many people want to put their experiences into something that has a positive impact.

One of those people was Sharon Rowe. She founded Eco-Bag Products 

It was a simple idea, making shopping bags reusable by making them out of canvas. Now that these items have become common place it is easy to forget how radical they were when first introduced by Sharon and her company.

There was nothing in the mix that suggested that Sharon would be successful, she had little money, not much time, she was a new mother, and as a professional actor little experience of conventional work or of running a business.

Nevertheless, with courage, optimism, an elevated sense that her mission was important and low-interest credit cards Sharon created a business worth many millions of dollars.

Now, in her new book The Magic of Tiny Business, Sharon has brought her story to life for the benefit or other entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs. There is a charm and grace to the way in which Sharon explains her mindset in starting her business and her and approach to building business processes. Her book is full of both practical wisdom and inspiration.

A comprehensive summary of The Magic of Tiny Business is available free from Work Place Learning Centre.

The book summary includes all the main learning points about how to make a business successful without the need to get huge, and the strategies that will help any entrepreneur set-up, run and sustain a successful tiny business.


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