WPLC.co.uk teams up with WorkWorkWork.works

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WPLC.co.uk teams up with WorkWorkWork.works

Here at Work Place Learning Centre we have always been keen to help as many organisations as possible to provide learning to their employees, regardless of whether or not they are buying learning resources or training courses from us.

We have been offered the opportunity to participate to a new employment related web magazine by providing both content for people who are involved in delivering learning activities, and people who are learning at work.

WorkWorkWork.works was originally launched in 2004. The original newsletter has now been redesigned as a magazine and given a new name, with the aim to provide an employees’ guide to employment, and we are very proud to be involved.

Robert Orford the editor of WorkWorkWork.works and one of the founding team described the magazine as guide to

  • getting work,
  • being successful at work,
  • avoiding and resolving problems at work and
  • making work, work so that anyone can achieve a good work life balance.

Alongside the content on these four key areas and the learning related content provided by the WPLC.co.uk team there will also be content on

  • Health & Safety
  • Pay/benefits
  • Rest & Recreation
  • Work travel
  • Work/life balance
  • Health and well being
  • Work related clothing
  • Information technology

The WPLC.co.uk team are looking forward to providing learning related content on WorkWorkWork.works that increases the knowledge of work place learning and helps to show how any organisation regardless of budget can deliver learning that has a positive impact on employee results and organisational performance.

The WPLC.co.uk news section isn't disappearing, but moving forward it will focus on news about the catalogue, new launches, special offers free offers, our events including webinars and stories about how learning resources and training courses in the WPLC.co.uk catalogue have been used by different sorts of businesses.

Check-out the new WPLC.co.uk web magazine at this link.

Check out the new learning at work related section at this link.

Members of the Work Place Learning Centre team are available to provide journalists and media organisations with expert comment on all aspects of learning at work.

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