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New Curator for

Paul Greenwood is an experienced business training manager. He has worked in a variety of different working environments in both learning strategy and hands-on training delivery. He really does bring a wealth of experience to the team that will benefit all our customers.

“Looking back on my career in organisational learning and development,” says Paul, “I have been fortunate to work in many different business environments from start-ups to major conglomerates and covered most of the major industry groups. I have also enjoyed being able to work around the world as well as in the United Kingdom.

Paul joins at a very exciting time, and will play a key role in building the catalogue so that continues to be the prime independent multi-brand multi-format source of learning resources and training courses for every type of organisation and assist them in developing the skills and knowledge of their people.

Over the next few months Paul will start building relationships with new producers and sourcing new learning resources and training courses.

Paul will also take over the management of the Work Place Learning Centre social and business media presence. has recently formed a partnership with the employees’ guide to employment website. Paul will edit the WPLC magazine which is hosted on the platform. He will also contribute to the employee focused learning at work section of

You can expect to see many more learning resources and training courses being added to the catalogue, and many more special offers.

If you are looking for something to meet a specific learning need please let Paul know. He’ll get to work on sourcing a best in class solution at the best possible price.

Members of the Work Place Learning Centre team are available to provide journalists and media organisations with expert comment on all aspects of learning at work.

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