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Learning Needs Assessment Specialist Lists on WPLC.co.uk

A specialist in identifying learning needs, appropriate learning actions and learning reviews,

Cement Learning has been added to the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue.

For many organisations the delivery of the training is the easy part of developing their employees and volunteers. The challenge is making sure that managers at all levels and employees have

  • brought into the need for development activity,
  • agreed on the appropriate learning activities that will meet that development need and
  • committed to undertaking the review of learning that will instil the learning into behaviour and help to identify additional learning needs

Cement Learning have developed a solution that assists organisations of all kinds to address these issues.

We are very pleased to be able to include a multi-level solution in the WPLC.co.uk catalogue that can support any type of organisation through every or any stage of the process of managing learning needs and training delivery.

The United Kingdom lags behind other developed nations in assessments of worker productivity.

Business leaders have acknowledged the importance of constantly training employees as one of the best ways to improve productivity.

The workshops and supporting consultancy services provided by Cement Learning help organisations to

  • define learning needs in the context of a business plan and organisational objectives
  • identify the most appropriate learning activity
  • conduct a learning review to ensure that the time and money involved have been well spent
  • identify further learning needs

When learning is provided successfully within a context and has an agreed value to both the organisation and the individual it creates a positive relationship with learning and encourages a positive attitude towards change

You can find out more about Cement Learning at this link.

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