Transferring From Education to Employment

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Transferring From Education to Employment

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Regardless of your age when you make the move from education to employment, it is undoubtedly one of those landmark life experiences.

Like your first driving lesson or your first date many people worry about the unknown aspects of the experience, forgetting that they are not the first person to go through it and they won’t be the last either.

Into this stressful situation comes Ed-2-Em a specialist provider of education to employment transition services.

Ed-2-Em have developed a series of seminars and workshops for schools, academies, colleges, and universities that help pupils and students understand how to:

  • Successfully secure the right job for them
  • Survive a probation period
  • Be successful in that job

It may all sound like more cosseting of the snowflake generation, but there is sound commercial sense in making the transition from education to employment as smooth as possible.

You expect new starters to get things wrong, but the number and severity of mistakes, and the associated coast and disruption, can be reduced if they are both well prepared for the working environment and properly supported through their settling-in period.

Ed-2-Em also provide support for employers who are recruiting education leavers, helping them to

  • Design jobs that are suitable for different types of education leavers
  • Create recruitment and selection processes including assessment centres
  • Identify further learning needs and appropriate learning activities

Ed-2-Em provide coaching for new employees and their managers through the early days and experience of working life.

We are very pleased to welcome Ed-2Em to the catalogue and looking forward to helping our clients integrate support for education leavers into their blended learning strategies.

You can find out more about Ed-2-Em at this link

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