Get Ready for LGBT History Month

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Get Ready for LGBT History Month

February is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Gender (LGBT) history month.

Each February the LGBT community celebrates the historical and present-day contribution that LGBT people make to the wider community.

Each year more organisations join in the celebrations to show support for their LGBT employees, customers and suppliers.

If you are thinking this year of joining the celebration of LGBT history you will find the learning resources and training courses, you need listed in the catalogue.

  • Homophobia

You can address the issue of homophobia directly with video based and e-learning programmes, here  

  • Inclusion

Or you might decide to look at the wider issues of inclusion here

  • Unconscious Bias

Few people are directly discriminatory, but many people do have unconscious biases which can drive behaviours that create the impression they hold conscious negative opinions. Find out more here 

  • Banter

The negative and derogatory language used to describe members of most minority groups has been become socially unacceptable.

But for many people making negative comments to members of the LGBT community is still seen as ‘just a bit of banter’.

Although it can be very upsetting for the person who these comments are directed at.

Resources to help you reduce negative work place banter are available here

  • Trans gender

We must not forget the T in LGBT.

Although being trans gender is not a sexuality issue, but one of gender identification trans gender people have always been grouped with LGB people.

You can help your employees understand the issues trans gender people face with this resource 

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