Bringing Your Own Game on WPLC

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Bringing Your Own Game on WPLC

Bringing You’re a Game, has been added to the Work Place Learning Centre (WPLC) catalogue.

A straight-forward, fun and easy learning activity Bringing You’re a Game is a card based learning resource that helps individuals and teams to understand what it is that makes individuals and team colleagues be great at work every day, and what might create a got out of bed the wrong side sort of day.

During the assessment process the WPLC team used Bringing You’re a Game successfully in both 1-2-1 learning and coaching and in team development situations.

None of us like to blow our own trumpets or spend time looking at the negative aspects of someone else.

What is great about Bringing You’re a Game is that it allows individuals and teams to identify and discuss what they are good at and what ruins their day in a very personal way without fear of being judged.

The focus of every time that we tried Bringing You’re a Game was very much on building understanding.

The cards themselves are manufactured to a high quality, which is a good thing, as there is something very tactile about both the box and the cards.

Perhaps because of the way in which they are used to help people understand themselves the cards themselves become very personal.

It is very hard to hand them back to the trainer and in some ways equally difficult to take them back from people.

The WPLC team are convinced that Bringing You’re a Game will prove to be a very useful tool for all types of personal and team development situations.

For more case study information about Bringing You’re a Game please visit this link.

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