Tailor training to age of the trainee

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Tailor training to age of the trainee

Figures show people participate less in training programmes as they get older yet over three quarters (77%) of individuals agree that training and career advice will be critical in ensuring older workers continue working effectively past retirement age.

Speakers at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's (CIPD) annual learning and development conference and exhibition will suggest practical ways to tailor training to different age groups.

Sally Jacobson, from London and Quadrant Housing Trust, and Carole Smith, from NHS Employers, will discuss how employers should respond to the different needs of their employees to ensure all individuals continue to add value and develop at all stages of their career.

Dianah Worman, CIPD Diversity Adviser says, "Research shows training can help motivate and retain staff, cutting recruitment costs and reducing sickness absence. But individuals have to want to learn and take part in the training if it is going to achieve organisational objectives.

"What works for one employee does not always work for another. Employers must avoid rolling out a training course to everyone just because it is a success for some employees. Older workers are a critical part of the labour force so it is important to identify individual learning needs and then target them with the appropriate training.

"Employers must invest enough time and money in order to get the training right. More emphasis needs to be placed on upskilling older workers in areas such as IT, and with IT skills being a requirement in many jobs in today's knowledge-driven economy, it's important that older workers maintain their skills in this area to add full value."

The conference offers delegates the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry and hear how leading organisations have approached and overcome key challenges within their business environments. The event has over 100 speakers, providing case studies, interactive workshops and training updates. Other speakers include:

Sir Bob Geldof, humanitarian, musician and entrepreneur, speaking about Achieving your goals. Professor Rob Goffee, from the London Business School discussing Why should anyone be led by you? Professor Robert Winston, author and BBC presenter delivering a masterclass on Making the most of the human mind.

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