Bad Body Odour
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Bad Body Odour






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A nine minute video guide to how to deal with bad body odour in the work place

This nine minute video briefing looks at how to address the sensitive issue of bad body odour in the workplace.


Video briefing description


Tackling the issue of a person’s bad body odour can be particularly daunting, but if left unaddressed it can cause serious damage to working relations.


Combining drama, role-play scenarios and contributions from HR and legal experts, workplace mediator and psychotherapist Barry Winbolt looks at why bad body odour is such a daunting subject to deal with and demonstrates techniques for addressing the problem sensitively and effectively.


Learning outcomes


This video briefing will give a better understanding of:


  • why bad body odour can cause problems in the workplace
  • the reasons we can find it hard to tackle
  • how to broach the subject of bad body odour and address it effectively
  • legal considerations for employers when tackling staff with body odour and personal hygiene problems.




The experts involved in the production of this learning resource include

  • Barry Winbolt – Trainer, mediator, psychotherapist and writer
  • Kate Russell – Director, Russell HR Consulting
  • Petra Venton – Employment Support Lawyer, Cripps LLP


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