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Bespoke safety messaging that you can't ignore.

S*A*F*E*™ Works 15 is an innovative and cost effective way of providing on-going safety education to employees that gets them talking about the safety issues they face at work.

Specifically designed for the small to medium sized employer or departmental manager S*A*F*E* Works 15™ allows you to address the specific safety issues of your business or department.

Everything a manager or team leader needs to deliver an effective safety awareness session within a team meeting is included in S*A*F*E*™ Works 15™:

  • Presenters’ notes:

A complete step by step guide to running a productive safety meeting. Space is included for an attendance register and to add notes about the hazards specific to their workplace.

In a world were time matters, these safety meeting outlines really help keep the meeting on schedule, and on topic.

  • Employee pocket sized reminder cards

Everyone needs a reminder every so often.

These handy reminder cards include all the important health and safety information your employees need. As well as a copy of your chosen poster image on the front.

Just the right size to fit in a shirt or overall pocket

  • Employee Scratch Quiz Card Assessments

These simple assessment cards make sure that everyone was paying attention. When completed they prove whether participants understood the important health and safety messages they have heard.

These cards can also be used to prompt an initial discussion at the start of a safety briefing, by showing people what they don’t know.

  • Eye-Catching Posters

S*A*F*E*™ Works 15™ is supported with two types of posters and employee materials; a classic range and a special range that features Homer Simpson and the rest of Springfield’s’ finest from the hit television series The Simpsons™.

S*A*F*E*™ Works 15™ also includes a HSE Health and Safety at Work poster

S*A*F*E*™ Works 15™ includes

15 Safety Meeting outlines covering the topics of your choice and for each topic

  • 2 Standard posters (28x43cm)
  • 1 table tent
  • 20 employee information cards and
  • 20 employee quizzes and
  • 1 Health and Safety Executive Health and Safety at Work poster

It all adds up to a solution that has helped some organisations achieve a 42% reduction in accidents

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S*A*F*E* Works learning solutions are available for a number of different working environments.

S*A*F*E* Works can also be purchased with DVD and e-learning content or live training delivery, creating a dynamic blended learning solution.

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Please add S*A*F*E*™ Works 15™ to your basket, then save the basket and one of our advisers will contact you.

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08 May 2010

Many of our staff are in their first post university job. S*A*F*E* Works 15 is great! It gave us the structure we needed to provide an enjoyable education session and encourage people to take safety seriously.

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