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Create a top-class recruitment process that enable more successful hiring decisions

Top-Class Hiring is the recruitment and selection training programme that helps organisations create and maintain a hiring process that results in more successful hiring decisions.

Developed by Work Place Learning Centre, and bringing together learning resources, training courses, and business tools, from across the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue to deliver a comprehensive process improvement and maintenance solution.

Top-Class Hiring is a recruitment and selection training programme that is built around data analysis that identifies the weak spots in your hiring process, and targets improvement actions at those stages, and the individuals involved in the activities that are associated with those stages of the process.

Business Plan

A specialist business analyst will work with you to identify the hiring targets that will have to be achieved if you are going to fulfil your business plan objectives.


Our specialist hiring analyst will conduct a subjective assessment of your hiring history to identify how:

  • your hiring processes perform in comparison to other businesses, and
  • how the performance of your internal and external recruiters compares to their colleagues and recruiters with similar skills knowledge and experience who are involved in recruitment for other organisations.


Top-Class Hiring analyses data from your hiring history to identify areas in which it might be possible to introduce improvements.

This analysis will examine every stage of your hiring process including,

  • how you define the jobs and ideal job holders at the start of your hiring process,
  • how you attract candidates,
  • how you recruit candidates into your selection process,
  • how you select the best candidate for the position,
  • how you integrate the new employee into your organisation,
  • how you treat unsuccessful candidates.

The analysis will aim to answer questions:

  • At what stage does your hiring process breakdown?
  • How do you find out that your hiring process has broken down
  • What are the timescales of your hiring process, could these be improved?
  • Which job roles are most difficult to fill and why is this the case?
  • Which locations have what types of problems with their hiring?
  • Why do the people involved in your hiring process when it breaks down, think that it happens?

The aims of this analysis are to

  • identify potential improvements in your hiring process that might result in improvements in your hiring decisions,
  • enable learning to be focused on those stages of the hiring process that have the largest potential to deliver improvements in your hiring decisions and the experience of candidates.


Top-Class Hiring examines the relationships that exist at every stage of your hiring process, from first contact with the potential new employee, to the point at which the process concludes, with either a job offer, or a decision by the you to end the process or the candidate to exit the process.

Our occupational psychologists will identify how these relationships may help or hinder the success of your hiring process. This will include assessing how the personalities in your hiring team impact:

  • relationships within the team.
  • relationships between the team members and candidates.
  • how your organisational and employer brand impact relationships with potential candidates.

Job Matching and Crafting

Top-Class Hiring assesses the suitability of each member of your hiring team for the role that they perform in the hiring process. This may result in

  • adapting or crafting the work around the individual doing it
  • changing the job that an individual employee does

These activities can create dramatic improvements in the productivity and engagement of individual employees and your hiring team.


Top-Class Hiring investigates how your hiring process and your hiring team interact to help you create the most effective combination of people and process and maximise your opportunities to achieve and surpass your hiring targets.

This involves investigating:

  • how does your hiring team use your hiring process?
  • does your hiring team share the same understanding of how your hiring process is supposed to work?
  • does your hiring team use the same language to describe your hiring process?
  • what does your hiring team do when a problem occurs in your hiring process?
  • how do different parts of your hiring team celebrate success and handle failure?


That is an awful lot of analysis, but it is that analysis which enables Top-Class Hiring to target learning activities on the stages of your hiring process that will have the greatest impact on the performance of your hiring team and maximise the return on your investment in creating a Top-Class Hiring process .

Learning Activities

Top-Class Hiring provides learning activities that are focused on the learning needs of the individuals who have been identified as needing to improve the way in which they contribute to the performance of the hiring process.

Top-Class Hiring will work with you to identify the learning required and how it should be delivered.

A full range of learning options are available:

  • one-to-one coaching
  • team coaching
  • e-learning
  • e-books
  • e-talks

Top-Class Hiring uses learning resources, training courses, and business tools from the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue including:

  • Bookboon 
  • getAbstract
  • Harpar Qualifications
  • Psynet
  • Stellify BI

Top-Class Hiring is designed to work best in organisations that are keen to improve their recruitment and selection processes, so that they can create better experiences for candidates and make better hiring decisions.

Every Top-Class Hiring programme is designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to discuss the buying options that may be available to you so that your business can create a Top-Class Hiring process

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to explain how the cost per hiring team member reduces for larger hiring teams, or the number of vacancies your business plan requires you to fill.

Some elements of the Top-Class Hiring programme have discounts for larger numbers of users built into their licence fees.

Your WPLC learning adviser will be happy to help you compare the costs and potential returns on investment from the different recruitment and selection training programmes you are considering

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