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Employee Guide to Safe Trick or Treating

This evenings trick or treating may be all trick tomorrow morning if not managed correctly! There was a time when Halloween was a religious event dedicated to remembering the dead, for some people it still is, but for the majority the annual event is an opportunity for abandoning...


Is time management an employee well being issue?

Understanding how you perceive the passage of time may be the key to successful time management. If you were unfortunate enough to witness a crime, how confident are you that you would be able to accurately describe the perpetrator? Can you accurately assess the difference between someone...


What is your presentation personality?

Giving a presentation is, I am told, one of the most stressful activities that anyone can undertake. I am not so sure that I agree, but then, I gave my first presentation when I was at school and I am often called upon in my work to deliver presentations and training courses, so any nerves that I...