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Skills for Europe

Education and Skills Secretary Ruth Kelly has called on her fellow EU education ministers to join her in the challenge to increase investment in skills for the 21st Century. She told an Informal meeting of Education Ministers being held in London that it is time for them to take centre stage in...


Learning at work on the increase

Trade unions are transforming the lives of tens of thousands of workers in England, according to new figures released by the Trades Union Congress (TUC)at the union learning fund (ULF) conference. The number of people who accessed training at work via the union route in the last 12 months has...


The Olympic skills challenge

With London hosting the 2012 Olympics there is probably no part of our economy or region that will not be affected, says Ruth Kelly. In greatest demand will be higher level technical skills. There will be new opportunities and skills needed in transport, hospitality, logistics, cultural and...