Bringing Your A Game
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Bringing Your A Game






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Every one can be great at work every day

Simple - Fun - Easy

The Bringing your ‘A’ Game strengths cards are a simple, fun and easy way to help you understand what gives you the potential to be great at work every day!

Know Your A Game

It is quite common for people to understand that they are good at their jobs because they like what they are doing – Some even think they have turned a hobby into a job.

But it is less common for people to know and understand their personal strengths and how they can harness these to ensure that they are

  • More productive
  • More engaged with their work
  • Having more fun at work

Bringing Your A Game cards help you to

  • Identify those strengths – your strengths
  • Focus your energy on those strengths
  • Ensure that you are always working to your A Game

Individual Learning

Bringing Your A Game is a great way to learn about yourself by identifying your strengths

  • Are you a people person or are you a task orientated person?
  • Are you worried about how you get the results, or do you just want to get the results
  • Are you focused on what needs to be done today or are you all about the strategy?
  • Are you a big picture thinker or, are you into the details?
  • Are you all about the logic or are you more comfortable thinking outside the box?

Being able to answer these seemingly simple questions and understanding those answers could have a huge impact on how you work, your career development and the level of success that you achieve.

Bringing your A Game is a great resource to help you prepare for interviews, job seeking and improving your work performance

For Coaches

Bringing your A Game is a great for coaches.

Coaches can use Bringing your A Game to encourage coachees to

  • Open-up about difficult subjects
  • Explore their strengths and weaknesses
  • Reflect on difficult situations
  • Investigate relationship issues
  • Appreciate how other people see them
  • Understand other people better

For Team Development and Team Dynamics

Bringing your A Game is a great tool for helping teams to develop and understanding the dynamics within a team.

Teams often use the job title a person has, to define the role that that person will play in the team.

Although a job title may define the responsibilities and level of accountability that a person in a specific job has it does not signify any of the softer skills that a person has.

Job titles may not require a person to utilise the majority of the softer skills that they have, so there is no need for them to be Bringing their A Game to work.

Bringing your A Game allows teams to 

  • Understand the A Game of each member of the team and
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities to ensure that each individual person and the team as a whole can say with confidence that they are Bringing their A Game to work every day!

What's in the Box? 

  • A pack of strengths cards to help you identify how to be great at work every day!
  • Full instructions with example activities
  • How to use it? Don’t over analyse it Make it snappy!
  • Go with your first impression - read a card and see if you identify with it.

Time to complete:

Under an hour on your own or with a team – as long as the team have something to discuss.

Bringing Your A Game has been thoroughly tested by the Work Place Learning Centre team.

Bringing Your A Game does not require any specialist knowledge, skills or experience to implement.

Contact Work Place Learning Centre to discuss the many ways in which Bringing You’re A Game can be customised to meet the needs of your

  • Organisation
  • Learning Objective
  • Event

There are many non-learning applications for Bringing You’re A Game.

Contact your Work Place Learning Centre expert for more information.

Contact Work Place Learning Centre to discuss the different ways in which how Bringing Your A Game can be purchased so that you have all of the learning resources that you need in order to achieve your learning objectives.

Orders of 10 or more packs - get 10% off

There is something very personal about Bringing You’re A Game.

Perhaps it is the way in which you use the cards to investigate our strengths and weaknesses?

If the experience of the Work Place Learning Centre team is anything to go by handing the cards back feels very strange.

It’s as if you are first exposing yourself through the thought processes and discussion that the cards facilitate makes the cards very personal.

Perhaps Bringing You’re A Game shouldn’t be a single experience?

Renewing the discussion with new team members or as situations change can be an effective way to reinforce key messages about strengths.

Order more than 10 packs get 10% off 

Work Place Learning Centre experts are available to discuss your team building and team working objectives and help you identify the ideal product to meet your learning objectives.

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