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Vocational training to get more prominence


Education Secretary Charles Clarke has congratulated colleges and uiversities for making 'strides' since 1997, inlcuding a big increase in apprenticeships and adults gaining early stage qualifications. The Further Education sector, he said, is the engine that drives forward much of our... Read More...

Value of management training proven


A survey of 1,000 managers from the Chartered Management Institute that took eight years to complete has provided new evidence of the impact having trained managers can have on a company's bottom line. The report Management Development Works: shows how attitudes towards managers and management... Read More...

IT training levels


A survey of 183 UK organisations conducted by the British Computer Society has shown that more than 80 percent of employers in the UK agree that it’s important to develop the professional skills of their IT teams. Although 40 percent of employers considered it was important to provide an... Read More...

Skills shortage pressurises pay


The skills shortages that have been predicted for some time are expected to worsen in 2005, putting according to research conducted from Lloyds TSB pressure on pay. One positive side effect of the skills shortage is that workers are feeling more secure in their jobs The survey of 2,000 people... Read More...

More support for day release and evening class students


Dr Kim Howells, Minister for Higher Education, has announced increased financial support for part-time students in Higher Education from September 2005. For the first time, the amount of financial help that part-time students may get towards their fees will be linked to the intensity of study so... Read More...

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