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Tailor training to age of the trainee


Figures show people participate less in training programmes as they get older yet over three quarters (77%) of individuals agree that training and career advice will be critical in ensuring older workers continue working effectively past retirement age. Speakers at the Chartered Institute of... Read More...

Inadequate training jeopardises success of change projects


The success of organisational change in major organisations is being jeopardised by a failure to put in place adequate training and development measures, according to the 2006 Learning and Development Survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). The survey also... Read More...

Collaborative tasks aid memory


Shared experiences mean much of our communication is short-hand according to a report from the British Psycological Society. If I told you the world will never be the same again after 9/11, you would know exactly what I was talking about, even though my statement contained little explicit... Read More...

Training Trainers


Improvements in Army training will continue with the establishment in April 2007 of a new Army Training and Recruitment Staff Leadership School (ASLS) in Pirbright, Surrey, Minister for the Armed Forces, Adam Ingram announced today. Under current arrangements leadership training is given at a... Read More...

The power of brain storming


So you need some fresh, innovative ideas. What do you do? Get a group of your best thinkers together to bounce ideas of each other…? No, wrong answer. Time and again research, according to the British Psychological Society has shown that people think of more new ideas on their own than... Read More...

Learning Stars


The millions of individuals currently involved in learning and skills in England can today publicly recognise those who inspire and encourage them to succeed, as nominations for the 2006 STAR Awards open. The STAR Awards celebrates the work of the truly outstanding individuals and support teams... Read More...

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