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Comprehensive safety education programme for restaurateurs

We are proud to be able to offer the S*A*F*E*™ range of safety education resources featuring the characters from the hit television series The Simpsons™

This unique safety education programme allows you to tap into the global phenomenon that is The Simpsons™ and power up your safety awareness programmes.

The Simpsons™ is the number 1 television show in the world with:

  • Over 13 billion episodes are watched each year
  • It has been translated into 25 languages, and it is
  • Shown in 150 countries

The Simpsons™ S*A*F*E*™ Works programme means that you can communicate your message to every employee with:

  • Comprehensive safety meeting outlines
  • Support materials with strong graphics that allow the picture to tell the story
  • Instantly recognisable characters that break through cultural and language barriers

The Simpsons™ S*A*F*E*™ Works programme is especially good for improving safety awareness amongst the most vulnerable demographic group – Young inexperienced employees

The Simpsons™ S*A*F*E ™ Works programme for Restuarants contains 15 topics

The Simpsons™ S*A*F*E*™ Works programme could not be easier to implement

Safety Meeting Outlines

Following the Safety Meeting Outline, supervisors or team leaders can conduct a safety meeting with their teams on the safety topic you have chosen

The safety meeting outline provides a structured explanation of the safety topic. Outlines are generally divided into several parts so that the meeting can be broken into short, five minute segments. You can decide which segments are most relevant to your situation

Safety Cards and Quizzes

During the safety meeting, supervisors can distribute Employee Safety Cards that reinforce the meeting content, and follow up with tick box or "scratch card quizzes.

The safety cards provide each employee with a copy of pertinent safety information. The quizzes give helpful discussion points during the meeting and also document attendance. If safety incentives are offered, the quizzes can be used for a safety draw.

Table Tents

Place "Table Tents" in break rooms or cafeterias.

Table tents are designed to reinforce the safety message in an entertaining way. Employees will often spend time reading the messages or examining the pictures while relaxing during breaks.

You can also use them flat as posters in unusual or unexpected locations

This is an effective way to casually reinforce the safety messages at times when employees are not directly involved in work activities.

Safety Posters: 28x43cm (11"x17")

Display these eye catching posters featuring characters from The Simpsons™ in areas where they will grab attention; by employee entrances and time clocks, in passages, in large work areas or places where employees congregate.

Posters offer a direct and dynamic message that is hard to miss. They are designed to create interest and draw attention to the current safety message.

S*A*F*E* Smaller Employer is designed to meet the needs of a typical smaller employer, if you require a different selection of topics in your business please go to S*A*F*E* Works 15

S*A*F*E* Works learning solutions are available for a number of different working environments.

S*A*F*E* Works can also be purchased with DVD and e-learning content or live training delivery, creating a dynamic blended learning solution.

If you would like to discuss the various purchase options available with this poster, please save the poster to your basket remembering to include the quantity that you require and one of the Work Place Learning Centre advisers will contact you.

This learning solution is designed for employers of a specific size.

Larger employers are asked to save this solution to a basket remembering to include the quantity that you require and one of our learning advisers will contact you with a quotation tailored to your requirements.

This S*A*F*E safety education solution is only available from Work Place Learning Centre 

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