Sample Abeceder Quotation Conversation
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Sample Abeceder Quotation Conversation






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A free preview of an Abeceder Quotation Conversation

Abeceder Quotation Conversations are explorations of a quotation by a member of the Abeceder team and a prominent businessperson or business academic.

Abeceder Quotation Conversations last approximately 30 minutes, and involves a discussion of:

  • What is the quotation?
  • The context of the original quotation, and the intention of the original statement
  • When would it be appropriate and inappropriate for others to use the quotation to guide a decision or course of action?
  • What does the quotation tell us about the world of business and work?
  • How does the quotation help us make sense of the business world and prepare for the future?

Contributors include academics from 

  • Ivey Business School – Canada
  • Florida Atlantic University – USA 
  • The American University of the Emirates
  • Apsley Business School
  • Royal Holloway University London
  • Greenwich University
  • Copenhagen Business School – Denmark
  • Northumbria University
  • Liverpool University
  • Portsmouth University
  • Durham University
  • St Mary’s University London

Abeceder Quotations Conversations are part of the Bookboon library of e-talks e-learning, and e-books, available on subscription from Work Place Learning Centre.

Abeceder is the human resources management company that created the Hiring to Retiring employee management solution that covers every aspect of every stage of the employer employee relationship from hiring to retiring.

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