Social Media in the Work Place
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Social Media in the Work Place






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Social Media in the work place

Social media has become an indispensable means of keeping in touch with our family and friends, conducting professional networking and showcasing our talent. But incautious use of social media can also land us in hot water if we’re not careful – particularly with our employer.


We offer a video briefing for employees and elearning for managers which explain how to use social media within the workplace.


Employee video briefing description


This 12 minute video provides some important tips for employees on using social media in a safe and responsible way.


This briefing examines the risks of inappropriate social media use, provides an overview of relevant aspects of the law and gives best practice guidelines for the safe and responsible use of social media platforms at work and outside.


Learning outcomes


This video briefing will give employees a better understanding of:


  •     the reputational risks posed by inappropriate use of social media
  •     the key mistakes that we make when posting information online and how to avoid them
  •     the law regarding harassment, privacy, copyright and libel and how it applies to social media use
  •     the importance of keeping professional and personal networking activity separate
  •     social media best practice in the workplace.




The experts involved in the creation of this learning resource include


  •     Alexandra Worden – Partner, Eversheds LLP
  •     Andrea Broughton – Principal Research Fellow, Institute for Employment Studies
  •     Yair Cohen – Internet Law Expert


Managers E Learning


From Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to blogs, vlogs and YouTube, the use and misuse of social media by employees has serious implications for organisations in areas such as data protection, reputation management, cyber-bullying and defamation.


This e learning course provides employers with a comprehensive toolkit for managing staff use of social media.


Course description


The growing use of social media has wide-ranging implications for the workplace.


While it’s true that there are huge benefits to our highly connected society, its darker sides are also starting to be felt in areas such as data protection, freedom of speech, online defamation, time theft, cyber-bullying and the invasion of privacy- all of which pose significant risks for businesses and organisations.


Did you know that:


  •     Millions of people in the UK now have a Facebook account?
  •     55% of workers confess to using social media sites for personal reasons while at work?
  •     misuse of social media by workers is believed to cost Britain’s economy £14 billion every year in ‘lost time’?


This learning resource examines the challenges and risks that social media and social networking tools pose for employers, looks at the law on virtual communication and provides guidance for employers on how to manage social media use in the workplace.


Learning outcomes


This 50 minute course will give a better understanding of:


  •     common social media platforms and social networking tools
  •     how and why people use social media
  •     the key risks posed to employers and businesses by social media use and misuse
  •     the law and ethics relating to social media
  •     different ways of managing social media use in the workplace
  •     how to draw up and implement a workplace social media policy.




The experts involved in the creation of this learning resource include


  •     Alexandra Worden – Partner, Eversheds LLP
  •     Yair Cohen – Social Media Lawyer, Internet Law Experts Solicitors

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